Management Consulting Club

What We Do:

Management consulting club is a student-led organization on UNC Charlotte campus that assembles passionate students willing to learn and apply critical thinking and problem solving to consulting cases.

Students are provided high-quality training and resources necessary to successfully assist companies and organizations in identifying problems, generating unique and feasible solutions, and ensuring client success.

MCC offers services in a range of areas such as focusing on strategy, finance management, customer experience, marketing, public relations, and internal/external operations. 

Consult Your Community Partnership

UNCC MCC is a proud member of Consult Your Community. "Consult Your Community is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that inspires communities into action. Through skills-based consulting projects, we mobilize college students to leverage their education, digital savvy, and networks to drive change in their communities."               For more info please visit:

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Meeting Times: Every Monday at 5:30 PM.

Meeting Location: Fretwell 114

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Time Commitment:1/2 hr ~ 2 hr per week.

Prior Experience/Knowledge Needed: None.

Major Requirement: None.

No Attendance Requirement

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